Lionheart Wines @ Artisan Recap

Last Thursday's Lionheart tasting at Artisan was a roaring success, with both tasters and winemakers very satisfied with the evening. Wine was discovered, bottles bought and taste buds were pleased. Outside Artisan WinesAs I announced previously, Lionheart's winemaker Leon Glover brought out 5 wines for us to try, all pre-release until his Mane Event Summer Release party later that Saturday at Crushpad. I got there a little before the start of the event and said hello to Leon and Artisan proprietor Lena and caught up with them for a bit before tasting some of the wines there that night. I hadn't tasted most of the wines since the barrel tasting, and I was excited to try them now from the bottle. I was so busy getting caught up that I forgot to try any of the wines before we got busy! Once that mistake was rectified, I was free to mingle and check out our crowd, with had great diversity in age, style and wine knowledge. Also making the event were Marshall & Brittany, founders of After raving about Lionheart for so long, I was glad that they could finally check out the wines for themselves. Presents Lionheart Wines @ Artisan Wine Lounge & Café

Lionheart is very excited to announce an evening discovering the wines of Lionheart Wines at Artisan Wine Lounge & Cafe in Walnut Creek, CA. Winemaker Leon Glover will be pouring his Summer release wines that will be officially released later this month. & Artisan Wine Lounge & Cafe Present: An Evening with Winemaker Leon Glover & Lionheart Wines 07/17/08 7pm - 9pm $10 per person for wine and appetizers 15% Off all Lionheart Wines purchased at the tasting!

Parsonage Village Vineyard 1st Annual Wine Club Party

Parsonage Family VineyardMost of my readers know that I have a fond place in my heart for the wines from Carmel Valley, CA. Beth and I have made numerous trips to the Carmel-by-the-Sea and Carmel Valley region over the years, as evidenced by the travel post I wrote earlier this year. We've tasted some great wines over the years from wineries such as Heller Estate, Bernardus, Galante Vineyards and Boete. I only get truly excited, however, by the wines from Georis Winery and Parsonage Village Vineyard (PVV). Last weekend, Frank Melicia, Bill Parsons and the entire rest of the combined clan threw their very first party, their 1st Annual Wine Club Party, to be exact...and I was fired up!
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