Georis Winery 5th Annual Wine Club Event, Carmel Valley

Georis WineryEver since 2003, the middle of September brings a certain feeling of excitement to my mind. It brings to mind dusty, hot vineyards, absolutely full of virtually mature grapes. It brings thoughts of BBQ, zydeco music and twisting mountain roads. Walter and Syliva Georis welcome the middle of this month each year with their annual Georis Winery Club Event, celebrating the harvest. This vintage's party was last weekend 09/13/08, high in the Cachagua Valley at the Estate vineyards and winery within the Carmel Valley appellation. That morning Daniel, Christine, Beth and I all piled into Steve's car and headed off South towards wine and various predicted shenanigans. Beth and I have made all but one of the previous years' parties, indeed, I wrote about last year at my old personal blog on my MySpace. This year's party proved to be just as much fun as the last one!

Another Wine Luminary Passes: Didier Dagueneau

Didier DagueneauKnown as the "wild man of the Loire," Didier Dagueneau made some of the most unusual and exceptional Sauvignon Blanc-based wines from his estate in Saint-Andelain, in the Dordogne of the Loire Valley, France. Dagueneau passed away after a microlite plane accident at the age of 52. Always ecentric and in later years, considered more of a hermetic luminary, he consistently produced absolutely stunning wines and he will be sorely missed. White WineDidier Dagueneau Fumé de Pouilly 2004 Sources: Walla Walla Wine Woman; Oliver Sytles, Your New Favorite Wine Club

WineQ.comI've always had a tough time with wine clubs over the years. On the one hand, there are so few wineries whose wines are so in tune with my palate and the styles that I like, that I don't find it worthwhile to join their club and be forced into some wines that I don't absolutely love. I've also joined many a wine club at a winery whose stable of vino changes over the years, so much so that I quit due to the change in my palate or their winemaker's. On the other hand, once I find that match, I love the convenience and thrill of getting that box of wine in the mail at my day job and knowing that I've just received some great wine that I'm going to be slurping in the future. That match occurs pretty rarely, more so as I expand my palate...there's also the issue of boredom, in that you receive so many wines this way that you don't get the chance to go out and shop for new wines that you've never tried. One new wine site has changed that equation. has managed to come up with one of those ideas where you just have to hit your head and say "ACK! Why didn't I think of that (and implement it really well)!?!"
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