First Palate Press Article: The Eisch-off!

Palate Press - The Online Wine Magazine As I mentioned in my last post, the new online wine magazine Palate Press has launched and with it today, my first article hits the virtual presses!

There’s already been a tremendous response to the magazine’s first couple weeks and I’m thrilled to be adding my vinorary contribution to the mix: Eisch Breathable Crystal…is it real or just another wine gimmick?  Find out at Palate Press!

Palate Press – The Online Wine Magazine

Palate Press - The Online Wine MagazineSome of you delicious readers may already know that I have become one of the founding contributing writers to  a new wine magazine called Palate Press (Twitter). It’s tagline is “The Online Wine Magazine” and indeed, it is!

Founded by David Honig (Twitter) of 2 Days per Bottle and The 89 Project, it stridently aims to be The Huffington Post or TechCrunch of the online wine world. He’s brought together many of the leading wine bloggers from around the world to participate and site drops today!! Look for my first article on a stemware showdown the week of September 26th.

Now go check it out!

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