Paso Creek: A Zin & a Happy Owl

ZAP Zinfandel Festival 2009This year's ZAP Zinfandel Festival I ran into a number of good wines. One of the interesting ones that I got to try (again actually) and get some back story is the Paso Creek Paso Robles Zinfandel 2006. While having a taste, I chatted with Susan Bergland, Public Relations Manager at Icon Estates a bit about their newer estate vineyard and winery.

5th Pops & Son Wine Trip in Napa: Day 2

Stags Leap DistrictThe second and last day of our latest Pops & Son Wine Trip series took a dramatic turn, ie, Pops was no longer involved, unfortunately! That cold that was was starting to come over him in the morning of the first day and then really kicked in during the afternoon? Well, it hit big time and he woke up this day feeling wine for Pops! Poor guy ended up in bed all our plans changed!

Crushpad enfuse(box)ed Blending and TTL OTBN!

OK. So...what the heck is all that stuff in the title?? Don't worry...all shall be revealed by me, your wine geeky host! I joined a group of 8 wine enthusiasts at the kind behest of Luscious Lush Thea (Twitter) at Crushpad (Twitter) last Saturday for a custom wine blending session, replete with winemaker Tom Leaf. Following this event we had the latest Twitter Taste Live: Open That Bottle Night.
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