WBC09: It's here! Well, the Twisted Pre-Party, Anyway!

WBC09 DesktopThe 2nd Annual North American Wine Bloggers' Conference is almost here, starting tomorrow! It is again at the Flamingo in Santa Rosa, CA, deep in the Sonoma Valley. Last year's inaugural conference exploded the reach and understanding of wine bloggers, wine & social media and their effect on the wine biz. It also had a profound effect on myself and my own understanding of social media, blogs and wine. Starting things off, however is a pre-party at Twisted Oak and downtown Murphy's, courtesy of that crazy vinoman, El Jefe, Jeff Stai (Twitter)!

5 Questions with Jake Lorenzo

Cold Surveillance by Jake LorenzoI solved a wine mystery recently, one that had been bothering me for years. Around the time that The Lady and I bought our home in the Bay Area, I was allowed able to buy a decent wine fridge, my Danby 75/100 bottle. Just as I was headed out the door from Wine Hardware with my affordable new wine storage, I spotted an interesting book on their shelves entitled, Cold Surveillance. It was interesting not that it was a set of wine memoir columns (right up my alley), but that it was written by a Wine Country private eye...┬┐que? I turned back to the counter and added the book to day's purchases!

Santa Lucia Highlands "Highlands' Fling!"

Santa Lucia Highlands "Highlands' Fling Gala"A few weeks back, I was treated to an enlightening appellation-specific tasting of Santa Lucia Highlands wines courtesy of the host, Hahn Family Wines. Santa Lucia Highlands sit on the southeast facing slopes of the Santa Lucia mountain range, on one side of the plentiful Salinas Valley. I made the somewhat significant trek down there with my trusty vinopanions, the Brix Chicks' Liza (Twitter) and Xandria (Twitter). I hadn't been down in the area since I was but a wee lad, noshing with me folks, so it was a treat to see the Valley again. It was in all of its late Spring splendor and we enjoyed taking in the bountiful scents of the fruits and vegetables growing near the highway.
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