Jet Bag Defeats AA at WBC11

I do a lot of traveling for wine. Just the last 6 months has seen me pop up in New York twice and Charlottesville once. Strangely enough, this means that I tend to accumulate a fair amount of wine during my travels (I know, cue the weeping and lamentations). This does tend to present a Conundrum, however. When one needs to fly these days, it tends to be very difficult to hide 750 mL of glass-encased liquid. OK, but that's fine, right? I'll just check my baggage with the bottle of red stashed inside...surrounded by all of my favorite clothes because I just went to NYC for the first time. Hmm...not a recipe for success, especially as I watched the suplex being applied to my suitcase out on the tarmac. Cue: the Jet Bag.
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