WBC NA 2008: Blind Tasting Challenge

I am now about to begin the Blind Tasting Challenge (courtesy of Bagged Wine) portion of the the very first North American Wine Bloggers Conference here in 2008 at the Hotel Flamingo!  Wine Bloggers ConferenceKeep in mind all of this is live and (pretty much) not edited!!

It’s single-elimination and I’m probably out pretty quckly, heh.  It gets progressively harder though so maybe there’s a chance!

Round 1: Two whites, decide whether they are Pinot Gris, Chard, Viognier, Sauv Blanc, and Gewürtz. And I say it’s 1. Viognier.  2. Gewürtz.

Argh!  I got #2 wrong, it was Pinot Gris (and I was wavering between the two!!) for #2, but I got 1 right!  Apparently, the rules are changed to only 1 rigth answer needed to advance, so onto Round 2.

Bagged WineRound 2:  Match both wines to 2/3 of the tasting descriptions on to listed to the right. Descriptions come from the bottle and/or wine website. #1: Descr. A. #2 Descr. C.

Wow.  I got rocked on this one…Wine 1 was Description C.  Wine 2 was A.  I’m totally out on this one.  Oh well, it was fun! 🙂

Next up on the agenda…a self-paced New Zealand wine tasting session here at the Hotel Flamingo.

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  1. […] The blur of the Live Wine blogging event was completed after I madly tried to touch up my hastily typed post that covered all of the wines we tried at Table 6.  I briefly competed in the Blind Tasting Challenge (and got crushed by round 2), but I knew that I had no chance to go sip-to-sip with the more accomplished tasters attending the conference.  The eventual winner was Doug (Twitter) of the innovative wine knowledge search site AbleGrape and with whom I had a great conversation during the tasty Sebastiani dinner in their Oak Room the following night.  I decided to head to the first unofficial or “Anti-Conference” event of the weekend, the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley tasting held in in one of the suites that led to the central pool area of the hotel. […]

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