Mumm Napa Wine Blogger Brunch

Bubbly is a beautiful thing. Sparkling wine has always been considered a wine of celebration; its intriguing bubbles rising up to toss forth a froth of scented effervescence, enlivening spirits at any accompanying event. For me however, bubbly, bubbly, and more bubbly is the way that I prefer to shimmy through life. My lady Elizabeth Fontaine, the beguiling star behind the brightness of my life, would only agree, with a most sensible of nods. Bubbles are her vinous companion, and at times, her artistic muse. We go through stretches where there is a bottle of bubbly to accompany each day...the other nice thing about sparkling wine is its low percent alcohol. ;-)

Pre-WBC09: Twisted Murphys Wine'n!

Twisted Oak Winery - Pre-WBC09 Murphys/Calaveras CountyWhat happens when you get bunches of wine bloggers all together to take over a small wine country town? Mine cave-ins, death, destruction and mass group arrests! OK...that didn't quite happen, but mass chaos, super amounts of fun and the realization that Calaveras County is an up-and-coming wine region with Murphys leading the charge as a boutique wine destination definitely DID occur. The Twisted Oak Winery Pre-WBC09 Murphys/CalaCo wine event had dropped, and there was no going back!

Rubissow Blogger Day on Mount Veeder

Rubissow Wines EstateAny vinopanion of mine can tell you that I love wines made from mountain fruit. Give me those highly structured, dark and angry-fruited wines any day of the week! They also might be able to tell you that I grew up in Napa Valley and so I have tasted quite a few wines from its many appellations. What they may not be able to tell you is that I grew up at the base of one of my top two favorite wine regions of the world...Mount Veeder. One morning in late August, I had the lucky opportunity to take part in an intimate escape to one of the few Mt. Veeder wineries that I had yet to visit, the craftsman Estate of Rubissow Wines.
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