TasteLive! – Rodney Strong's 23rd Annual Wine & Chocolate Fantasy Pre-Tasting

 TasteLive! (WineLog, Twitter) is back at it again, with yet another great online Twitter tasting for us wine and chocolate grubbing fools. On the night of 01/26/12 at 6pm PST, we’re taking in another seasonally appropriate wine and food pairing by pre-tasting some of the wines and chocolates that will be at Rodney Strong’s 23rd Annual Wine & Chocolate Fantasy event, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Rodney Strong Vineyards (WineLog, TasteLive, Twitter, Facebook) have been a Sonoma County fixture for over 5 decades.  After retiring from dancing, Rodney Strong decided that he needed to leap into a new artistic endeavor and founded his eponymous winery in 1959. His was only the 13th to do so in the county by that time.  Since those early days, Rodney Strong wines have become known for their quality and for helping pioneer the respect that the world now has for the viticulture and winemaking in Sonoma County.

I haven’t had a chance to partake in TasteLive!’s mondo-fun online, Twitter-based tastings in quite some time.  It’s been since last summer, in fact, when we had the very tasty BBQing Chard tasting, back in the warmth of July. So join us at 6pm on Thursday 01/26/12 over at the Rodney Strong TasteLive profile for some wine and chocolate fun. We’ll be tasting through samples of two reds and a port, alongside some very tasty chocolate, courtesy of Peter’s Chocolate.

The wines that we will taste from Rodney Strong Vineyards (WineLog, TasteLive, Twitter, Facebook) during this TasteLive! (WineLog, Twitter) online tasting are listed below. They are all tagged with “RSchoco2012TL“ for listing in your own WineLog.  All of the wines that I’ve tasted during TasteLive events over the years can be found tagged with “TasteLive“. Even if you don’t have the wines handy, log on to Twitter and catch the #tl_wine stream and participate, cheers!

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